Historic Highlights of Whippany / Hanover Township


Whippany was the first settlement of Morris County
(half a century before Morris County was established).

Whippany hosted the first church in what came to be Morris County.

The first school in Morris County was established in Whippany.

Whippany has the oldest public graveyard in Morris County.

Whippany (Whippenny) Township
was the original name of the entire area of land
that came to be called Morris County.

Whippany colonial revolutionists
formed the first military company in Morris County.

The French Army and Continental Troops marched and
camped in Whippany during the American Revolution.

General George Washington, “the Father of our Country”
visited Whippany during the American Revolution.

Whippany made world history with the first television broadcast
from Whippany to New York City in 1927.

      Whippany was once a provincial community that has recently developed into a sprawling suburb.
Let future historians note that it was during the last half of the twentieth century that Whippany was transformed from a sparsely populated village of farms, forests, fields, and meadows to a crowded suburban municipality.